Tender chicken fillet 🍴

Most of the people in the world want to earn money, but this is very hard to keep money in the bank because we need food.

The food needs to form our work and earn money, but the food in the restaurant needs a lot of money just to take a fast-food, not other things.

Chef My Recipes, provide you the best recipe and delicious without need a lot of money.

The recipe is very easy who any person can cook a big dish and delicious enough for all family in this situation you will keep the money for another thing for example for Tourisme or buy make-up for the woman.

We will provide a wonderful recipe that is easy to prepare and cook and does not need much money.

Notice: Food is very important to live and protect our health 💪 .

this recipe under the name :

 Tender chicken fillet 🍴


- chicken fillet - 600 gr.

- kefir - 1 stack.

- dill - to taste

- garlic - to taste

- salt - to taste

- pepper (ground) - to taste


1. Add finely chopped dill, chopped garlic and ground pepper to kefir, mix thoroughly.

2. Cut the breast into portions, dip them into the kefir mixture and let marinate for 30-60 minutes.

3. Then place the chicken in a skillet (not oiled), add a little marinade and simmer under the lid until tender, periodically adding the sauce.

Bon Appetit! 🎉

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